Hoyt Silva

Designs, Comics, and who knows what else!
Drinkchamps webcomic here: drinkchamps.hoytsilva.com
Last Stop webcomic here: justcomicsgroup.com/laststop
Hoyt Silva was born in 1987 in New York City. Astoria, Queens to be exact. Since then, Hoyt’s life and career path have taken him all over the United States from Pennsylvania, Florida, California, and to his current residence in Atlanta, Georgia. As well as internationally to Japan and Armenia. After meeting his mentor, teacher, and close friend Brian Stelfreeze, in 2011 at a convention in San Francisco, Hoyt has continued to grow and evolve bringing new innovation and dramatic storytelling to the comics medium. Using a unique style influenced by the likes of Stelfreeze, Rob Hanes, and Mike Mingola to name a few, Hoyt has crafted something very much his own and he’s always looking forward to whatever sprouts up next. For further information and more of his work please check out him on twitter: @hoytsilva or Instagram @thehoyt
Hoyt Silva

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