Nightmare Theatre

Nightmare Theatre airs Saturday nights at 10pm on WSRE – PBS for the Gulf Coast in Pensacola.

In 2006, Nightmare Theatre appeared nationally, introducing SpikeTV’s Ghouls Gone Wild Weekend.

A minor demon, the Baron Mondo Von Doren was sent to the physical plane to inflict misery upon mankind. Among his greatest achievements: the introduction of new Coke, putting together Milli Vanilli and managing the Olsen Twins. He has since given all of those up, however, in favor of an evil scheme to hoist such horrible films as “Attack Of The Giant Leeches” and “The Brain From Planet Arous” on an unsuspecting viewing public on his show Nightmare Theatre which premiered October 2001 in Pensacola, FL. He, along with his Mexican wrestler sidekick, El Sapo De Tempesto and their pet werewolf Mittens, treat these films with all the respect they deserve: none and have a lot of fun with them in the process…

Nightmare Theatre

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