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Welcome to the blog! (Finally..)

Hey everyone!

For those who might not know me, my name is David and I am the promoter for Infinity Con. I am a writer, musician, dreamer and creator in all I do and Infinity Con is one of my largest creative endeavors of the last 10 years.

The quote from Bradbury is quite fitting for this post but I think Master Yoda really drives it home when he says, “No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try.” -Master Yoda

“No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try.” -Master Yoda

You see, I have been talking about making a blog for a long time. Running a convention is a huge task with many moving pieces and I would like to pull back the curtain a bit so you can see some of what goes in to making this happen! I have the Road to Infinity Con videos and a few other ways to keep everyone updated with what’s new with Infinity Con, but I’ve wanted something more consistent. Something that can keep inspiring you, make you think and bring some Infinity Con togetherness throughout the year. So instead of “trying” to start a blog, I’m doing it!

I know the last 6 months have been a wild ride, to say the least, but I truly believe that through the hardships and struggles of “The Year That Shall Not Be Named”, we will see a renaissance of art and creativity. The thought is very exciting! Out of necessity the world has begun rethinking the way things have always been done. It’s forced us to go back to the drawing board and take some risks. It’s equal parts scary as hell and exciting! As it is, running a con is not for the faint of heart and i’d be lying if i told you the last 6 months has been all sunshine and rainbows. If I was to be completely honest, this is not the way I have looked at the last 6 months at all. The uncertainty of things made creating and planning an event seem ridiculous. Instead of thinking about the opportunity to look at the bigger picture and create something great for next year, all I could focus on was surviving the now. I felt uninspired and unable to focus.

Has this been you as well, in survival mode? Just hoping to make it till next month, next week or even tomorrow? If it is, I encourage you today to look at the bigger picture. 2020 will pass and a new year with new opportunities is on the horizon!

As for this blog, and some great ideas and creativity for Infinity Con’s to come, you can count on it! I hope you will join me on this journey!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Infinity Dave